3 Challenges of a Self-Employed Van Driver

The demand for couriers and van drivers has never been higher than it is today. This is mainly due to the ever-increasing amount of shopping that is being done online. Most of us enjoy the convenience of ordering the items that we need and having them delivered to our doorstep. Shops that offer online purchasing and delivery often make use of self-employed van drivers to deliver goods to their customers. This has created a bigger demand for van drivers and, as a result, more and more people are considering becoming self-employed couriers. Becoming a van driver can be a lucrative and rewarding career choice but it is not without its challenges. In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the daily challenges that van drivers can face and how you can effectively deal with them.

1. Managing Your Schedule

This might sound unimportant at first but having good time management skills is a real asset for any courier. Deliveries can often be unpredictable, and they are influenced by several external factors that the courier has no control over. As a courier, it is important that you can anticipate any problems that might occur and plan for them so that your deliveries are made on time. This will keep your customers happy, but it will also help you to build up a reputation as a reliable courier. As a self-employed person, it is also important to have a good work-life balance so that you do not burn yourself out.

2. Managing Your Finances

Being able to balance the books is extremely important when you are working as a freelance van driver. It is often difficult to compete with larger companies that can offer lower delivery costs and many couriers fall for the temptation of dropping their margins too low. Make sure that you take all the costs, both obvious and hidden, into consideration when determining your rate. While you should aim to be competitive, you should not work at a loss. Keeping track of expenses and income daily is a good way to stay on top of your finances.

3. Plan Carefully

As a courier, you should try to avoid “running empty”. This means that you should always be transporting items for delivery and minimise the distance that you travel between delivery and pickup destinations. You only earn an income when you are actively transporting items and because of this, you should plan your trips in such a way that you take the shortest and quickest route with the least amount of traffic. Good route planning is one of the key ways in which a van driver can reduce his or her operating costs and increase profits.

In Conclusion:

Being a self-employed van driver offers a lot of freedom and flexibility but it is not without its challenges. However, with careful planning and by using all the tools at your disposal, you can create an enjoyable and profitable employment opportunity for yourself.